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jana_denardo's Journal

Fantastical worlds, Fiery Love
17 June
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  • jana_denardo@livejournal.com
I've always wanted to be a writer. I've publishing off and on for over a decade now but only recently have I moved back into erotica writing. This journal is for my erotica. Urban Fantasy, fantasy, mystery and SF are all favored genres and I do blend them into my erotica. This journal will only be updated sporadically I'm afraid but if you've found my writing and you want to let me know what you think, by all means I'd love to hear from you.

current publications:

Haunted with Dreamspinner Press in the Two Tickets to Paradise anthology (out Fed 2012)

Ghost of Jupiter with Dreamspinner Press in the Cross Bones anthology (out Aug 2011)

Crisis in Faith with Dreamspinner Press (out Dec 2010)

Unquiet Ghosts with Circlet Press (out July 2010)

Snowbound with Dreamspinner Press in the Necking anthology (out in April 2010)

In the Hands of Gods with Dreamspinner Press in the Brush of Wings Anthology (out in March 2010)

Mysterious Spirit with Dreamspinner press (out on 2/17/10)