December 4th, 2016

kept tears

Sunday Small Talk

One weekend I'll have time to actually compose something intelligible but that weekend is not this one. I'm still prepping for finals week.

 photo NaNoWriMo_2016_WebBadge_Winner_zpsbejca6fb.png

I did win nano! Huzzah. It's not actually for publishing under this pen name and it's not nearly finish but it's a good start. It has some issues I need to work out but that's what 2017 is for.

I'll be picking up editing of Blood Red Roulette again. Sadly in the month of writing nano I forgot some of the changes I've made and need to reread the first 7 chapters again. The problem is, I've read that so many times I'm not sure I can without losing my mind.

I also want to start writing Behind Blue Eyes too and I have a couple story ideas knocking around in my head like a steampunk Christmas story for next year and I'm still going to try to do a contemporary if it kills me and it just might.

I did write Wayward Ink to retract Cassadaga Nights, haven't heard back but I think with all that's going on I'm not really expecting too. I think I know where to send it next.

I need to go back over Queer Sci-Fi's workshop FB page because there was a question that had a lot of possible publishers I want to bookmark. There was one that was looking for nerdy short stories and I do have one. I printed that out for editing since it's been a few years.

Also I'm going to try and take part in a weekly blogging challenge on Wednesdays so maybe there'll be more interesting content soon enough.
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