June 21st, 2016

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Book Tour: Blood Lines by A.L. Bates!

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Title: Blood Lines

Author: A.L. Bates

Genre: Gay Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller

Length: Novella

Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing


Mark Thomas owns his own “New York”-themed bar on an off-world colony.

Nate Fox is an ex-con gone straight.

He’s also Mark’s best friend and brother-in-law.

Mark has feelings for Nate. Nate has feelings for Mark.

But neither man is prepared to compromise their friendship or Mark’s relationship with Danny.

Blood Lines is a story about fidelity, trust, and respect. It’s a story about honesty and learning from mistakes.

And it’s a story about second chances.

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Mark’s hands were still shaking. Nate knew from experience Larry kept a bottle of scotch in his desk. He pulled it out and passed it to Mark. After a few mouthfuls, Mark started to sob.

“Sorry,” he said. “Sarah was a friend. I’ve known her for years.” He took another mouthful and replaced the cap. “What now?”

“I don’t know,” Nate said with a sigh. “You okay?”

“Not really. But I guess I’ll be fine. What about you?”

“I’m good.”

“Your face is cut.”

Nate touched his cheek. He was bleeding. He didn’t even remember getting hurt.

“Is there a first aid kit in here?”

Nate pointed to a cabinet and Mark went to retrieve it. He pulled out some antiseptic wipes and dabbed at Nate’s face. Nate tensed. The intimacy was unexpected. It had been a while since someone had touched him so tenderly.

“Does it hurt?” Mark asked.


“You’re tense.”

“I’ve been shot at.”

Mark rolled his eyes. “I suppose that’s a good excuse. It’s not too deep. Besides, I hear the ladies love a man with scars.”

Nate glanced away, feeling a flush affect his cheeks.

“Sorry, that was insensitive.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

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About the author

A.L. BATES has a keen interest in Sci-fi and adventure novels and enjoys writing stories with strong characters in imaginative backgrounds. Although an avid writer, Deep is the first published novella by A.L. Bates.

A.L. Bates can be found on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authoralbates