May 12th, 2016

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100 Things #93 Not Doing Your Due Diligence

So I made a mistake. I didn't research something as well as I should have both then and now. Six years ago I revamped a very old story in the Vampires in Vegas universe. I did try to see where Arrigo could live on the strip and at that time only the SkySuites came up so I picked it. I didn't have GoogleEarth then and barley had internet that wasn't dial up at that point. So I made an error. It's the wrong place for Arrigo and I've moved it to the Veer.

Of course, Crisis in Faith was published in 2010 with the wrong living area and it had a balcony. I'm not sure that even Sky had those. Originally in the 90s when these stories were first written it was in New Orleans but even in 1993 that was a cliche setting for vampire stories (I was younger then, more naive, forgive me). I should have edited out that balcony bit since it really didn't matter if they were there or in the living room looking out over the view. Sigh.

But that was my lack of due diligence six years ago. This current lack ties into it. Crisis has been out there for six years. I am busy turning the story that proceeded it Blood Red Roulette into a novel so you'd think I would have reread that old companion story. Yeah, I didn't. I was always 'too busy.' So I wrote Fadil into the story (albeit long distance since I knew he came to Vegas in Crisis). Honestly I thought originally Arrigo spoke to Fadil about Eleni in the short story.

I was wrong. It's not a tremendously hard fix mind you. And there a few others I have to make. Frankly I'm sad to have to make them because it makes more sense for Fadil to have been consulted. I guess I'll have to make him unreachable somehow. I'll have to come up with another friend Arrigo calls on. That's not hard as Fadil is never really seen in the novel.I could trim out some of the scenes entirely and improve word count.

But I'm still annoyed. I'd rather revise Crisis and I know that's possible to but it's not just cleaning up some grammar and removing a few epithets. It's changing content (beyond changing the name of his condo which I AM doing because the SkySuite is way down on the wrong end of the Strip for what I wanted).

Next time (because there will be other sequels etc of various series), reread no matter how busy you are.
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Cover Reveal: Hidden: Evils By Jo Tannah!

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Check out the cover reveal for Jo Tannah's latest. And check back here on release day for my review!


Sebastian Torres is a healer and midwife both by trade and by calling. He’s spent the past three years as the only male midwife in a local hospital.

Anthony Craig is intrigued by Sebastian, finding him professional and attractive; although, he can’t help wondering why Sebastian never dates the same man twice.

When several pregnant women die in maternity wards a few states away, their fetuses missing, the police are baffled at the strange circumstances surrounding their deaths.

Could there be a serial killer on the loose?

As the number of deaths escalates, Sebastian suspects a monster of legend, rather than one of the human variety, is responsible.

Sebastian knows he is the only thing standing in the monster’s way, but in order to save innocent lives he must reveal his secret to Anthony.

Will Sebastian’s revelation prove too much and drive Anthony away?

Excerpt: DR. ANTHONY CRAIG walked into the maternity ward, six residents following quietly behind. He scanned the halls as he passed them, eagerly searching for the one male midwife in the hospital. His heart was pounding so hard he had to stop, take a breath, and massage his chest a bit.

Stop it, he told himself. Just ask him out. It’s not as if it’s your first time. Come on, be a man. He winced at his own thoughts.

Mentally shaking himself, he straightened and continued to the station where four midwives and nursing staff were discussing their patients, comparing notes. His steps faltered when he zeroed in on Sebastian Torres.

Sebastian was on the short side at only five foot five, but he had a quiet strength and excellent bedside manners. He was great at helping the soon-to-be mothers go through the painful labor experience. There was always the initial hesitance at the arrival of a male midwife, but once the ordeal was over, everyone could only praise his skills.

Ever since Sebastian had started working in the hospital three years before, Anthony had observed his professionalism. He was very tolerant with his more difficult patients, never becoming annoyed when the husbands were overly anxious. Admittedly, Anthony was curious why he hardly ever dated. He knew from Susan that Sebastian had no current boyfriend, significant other, or even a roommate. She had also informed him that Sebastian had three dogs. Who lived alone with three dogs?

Well, apparently, Sebastian did. Anthony had heard from other doctors and nurses that the men he went out with only lasted one date, nothing more. They never called back and they certainly never talked to him again, other than professionally. He wondered why. Sebastian appeared confident and funny, but the dates came back scared of him. Anthony looked him over again, silently assessing. He was short, true, but he was well proportioned and had the sweetest skin he had ever seen on a human being. Clear and smooth, it glowed as if there was a light beneath it. Sebastian’s name suggested Latino origins, though his features said otherwise. He had pale skin, a cute pointed nose, hazel eyes, and full lips which were almost always upturned in a smile. He kept his dark blond hair short, away from his roundish almond eyes.

He considered their physical disparity and wondered how people would see them should he ever have the courage to ask Sebastian out. Although the nine-inch difference in height was obvious, Sebastian would fit nicely in his arms, he thought.

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Author Bio: I am a wife, mother and blogger by day, a writer by night. It can be difficult to say the least but it is a challenge that keeps me on my toes.
I grew up listening to folk tales my father and nannies told either to entertain us children or to send home a message. These narratives I kept with me and finally I wrote them down in a journal way back when I kept one. Going through junk led to a long forgotten box and in it was the journal. Reading over the stories of romance, science fiction and horror I had taken time to put to paper, brought to light that these were tales I never met in my readings.
The tales I write are fictional but all of them are based on what I grew up with and still dream about. That they have an M/M twist is simply for my pleasure. And I hope, yours as well.

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