April 17th, 2016

kept tears

Sunday Small Talk

I wish I had more to say this sunday. I am in the middle of the end of semester chaos and had to get my research in order for presentation this week. I've done no writing whatsoever, poor Camp Nano.

I did work on the one thing I have a deadline for. I managed to edit Corpse Powder but sadly I still have 1,500 words to remove. Now I have to really dig into it and see what I can loose. I hate this part. I wish I could master writing shorter because now I have to sacrifice some more of the plot and the getting to know you aspects which I'm loathed to do but what can you do?

I hope I can find that 1.5K without losing good plot flow etc etc and the ending. I really want to keep that ending because it really makes the story feel complete. Anything else will feel...rushed. Ah well.

I'm working on my flash fic for Queer SciFi. In many ways I find 300 words easier than trying to hit a 10K word limit. You know you don't really have time for plot etc. I don't overdevelop and overstuff them.

Tomorrow I'll have time to write while the students take an exam and then it's the writers group meeting. Granted I lose 2 hours of writing time getting there and back but I do want to get out of this place, do at least something a little social.
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