April 10th, 2016

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Sunday Small Talk

My biggest news this week is I have finished Corpse Powder my Weird West story! I'm pretty happy with it if you ignore the fact it's 5K too long! Luckily I was given about 2K of wiggle room (thank you!) It's in the hands of two wonderful friends who are going to help me cut it down. I'm keeping the longer version too just in case it doesn't make the cut. (Yes, I was invited into the anthology but I'm sure if the story is felt to be weak it won't be included). I hope everyone will get to meet Isaac and Tsela soon. There was so much research done on this thing. I hope I did it justice.

Here's hoping we can find 3K to go that won't ruin the flow of the story. I really need to learn the art of writing short.

I've picked back up with Behind Blue Eyes and realized it's already over 63K (well it was my last nano so I knew it was at 50K at least) but I don't even feel like I'm part way there. There is only really one scene I can say could be considered expendable at this point. Sigh. My stories, they tend to be long. I admit it. I'm disturbed by the growing trend of wanting shorter and shorter stories. I've seen people whining if something is over 70K. It wasn't that long ago 70K wouldn't even be a novel. I'm not sure if it's just the romance genre that this is an issue. I want to say yes because points to fantasy with Martin, Sanderson, Butcher and so many more with their 600+ pages (yes looking at you too, Mr. King).

I don't consider BBE to be a romance. Yes there is a romantic subplot but like many of my stories, it is just that subplot. There's much more going on in this. If nothing else, the members taking part in the Rainbow Snippets group seem to like it and I'm relieved.

I noodled around a bit with the dialogue for Luc in Blood Red Roulette. I fear I'll miss yet another deadline (self imposed) for this. However, I HAVE to get Corpse Powder whittled down by the first so that takes precedence.

I forgot to mention last week that I got the rights back to my short story Nothing But Himself that I wrote for the Project Fierce anthology. I can't believe that much time has passed. I do regret one thing about that story, using this pen name. I did it because I was already known but it and at that point I was still trying to decide on the non-erotica pen name. This story is YA and I would have loved to revisit this universe. On the other hand, I don't really want to write YA under this pen name nor would I want it connected to my YA pen name. Hmmm I'm not sure what to do with that. Oh well. I'm not sure how many people ever saw the story but I was very proud to do it. I hope they liked it.

I am halfway to my Camp Nano goal of 10K (it's modest because April is insanely busy for me). I might up it to 15K

And now I'm getting ill just in time to present my research at two different symposiums this week (well my student is presenting. I'm just there being mother hen).
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