March 27th, 2016

kept tears

Sunday Small Talk

Just a short one today because I'm cooking all the things for Easter. All the things for just me mind you but still. I love to cook. I probably should have had a big family or something. I certainly cook enough I could have fed them all.

I knocked out two more scenes for Weird West and I'm running the ragged edge of that damn word count. Oh why oh why can't I write short? It makes me happy to get that far. The guys are all couply and just waking up from an impulsive night on the airship. Just in time for the skinwalker to come make a hash of them.

As for Blood Red Roulette, it's almost fully edited by me. I have it all done except for the last two chapters. I'm just waiting on my beta now. And kicking myself in the butt because I KNOW that Luc's French inserts disappear about halfway through because I've been so busy with my day job that I've been flying through the edits and then suddenly I sat and thought, huh, you didn't go work on Luc's dialogue. Whee.

I compressed two sex scenes into one, hopefully better one. I may still have to lose scenes from this one because it's so long. I don't think it drags much anywhere but it's a bit over what's the norm.

Have a nice weekend all.
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