January 31st, 2016

kept tears

Sunday Small Talk

It's not been a good week in my personal life and a very busy week getting tests made for next week's first round of testing (and creation of many tears). I haven't been able to write much other than a 1000 word flash fiction freebie The Incubus' Tale with my Athens Ohio Threesome. You can find it here if you missed it.

I've gotten almost the entire first meeting of Isaac and Tsela done in my Weird West story. Hmmm does a blood soaked airship and amputations make for the start of a relationship?

I was rather disappointed that my shifter story didn't make the anthology. Part of me sees the rejection as an opportunity to expand it a bit, though part of me is confused by the 'not finished' comment. It's most certainly a finished idea but I'm thinking that has to do more with that this just the beginning of a relationship. They're still just testing the waters when the story ends. Given that it takes place in the matter of three days, I didn't think that was an unreasonable place to leave it (keeping in mind I'm not the insta-love type. I've not personally seen that ever work out for anyone but I allow that it has to have worked somewhere.) I'm going back on that to work it out. I'm not sure word-count wise how close it is to novella length. I'm beginning to think I should just keep on writing novellas/novels and give up on the shorts. Sigh.

Speaking of a failed short now turned into a novella, my Cassadaga story is now with my Florida friends and some good ideas have come from that but I don't see me noodling with this much until I get Blood Red Roulette & my Weird West story done.

I DID manage to edit up to chapter nine of BRR. That's progress. I'm not convinced I'm making Luc sound more authentic or not but at least he's sounding a bit less educated if nothing else. Also I have to be careful of my First Readers edits. I keep accidentally bundling their comments into the freaking text. Idiot.

All right back to bacterial growth media and the crafting of another instrument of test-based torture. Sadly the bacteria seem to have gotten me. I'm getting sick (actually it's probably the cold virus going around). I've been burning it out of my throat with tea and chipolte infused honey.
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