January 24th, 2016

kept tears

Sunday Small Talk

I'm all snowed in and you'd think I'd be taking that time to write but mostly I've been using it to goof off. Also I did have to take a few jaunts out into the snow because I love snow.

I have made some progress however slowly and painfully. I've edited a pitiful amount of Blood Red Roulette. At this rate I will miss my self imposed deadline. It's still mostly because I'm struggling with Luc's language. It's harder than you think to capture not only Cajun speech patterns without making it seem cartoonish and to write speech for someone whose education stopped before he was even in high school. Luc's coming across too educated right now (not surprising since I'm overly so) but on the other hand, I don't want him to sound like a total imbecile. I'm struggling to find my path here. It's also very difficult to figure out where to trim this when I have first readers saying 'more description' and it's already a very long book.

But enough of me whining. I have made some real progress (in my head) for my Weird West story. Isaac is aboard the airship and I have to figure out how to end the scene without it being horribly gory. I reestablished the villain of the piece in my head. I had ideas for that on the drive to PA for Christmas, wrote them down then the flash drive died. What came to me this snowy weekend is much the same. Instead of Perrin, the captain being the target, it would make more sense that one of the two love interests is the one in danger which allows me bring along a Skinwalker.

You see, I know more about Navajo culture and myths than I do Paiute, Ute and Shoshone which are the major tribes in Nevada. I do plan on bringing in some of their myths as well. I had to figure out why Tsela is on this airship and I thought what if Grandfather sent him away to protect him from the Skinwalker. The rival airship could have him at the helm. It would also be interesting to play with the idea of corpse powder and put some magic into this story.

I haven't made much progress on my SF story though. Too much to do at work and too much goofing off when I'm not at work.

Still no word about the shifter story but I'm expecting to hear one way or the other this week or next.
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