January 16th, 2016

kept tears

Rainbow Snippets

First off, apologies to everyone for not doing much reading last week. As I said, I had no internet for a full week and there is only so much I want to read at work that's not work related. I would have taken in my tablet and read but it wouldn't connect to the internet there (It did at home so I'm literally clueless there). Also what online time I had needed to be spent working on the online portions of my classes as the university started up this week and I have to keep one step ahead of those students of mine.

If you'd like to play along Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences every Saturday. it's been fun and you can find it here. This week I'm continuing with Blood Red Roulette (ugh trying to edit it is going SO slowly). You've met Arrigo, the vampire lead and Eleni his nemesis. Now meet the hapless mortal caught up in their battle. Luc's a displaced Cajun after Hurricane Katrina. His father and brother and he are working in a bar in the seedier part of Vegas.

For context here, a little while before this scene, Luc had his first real conversation with Arrigo. He has no idea he's caught Arrigo's eye and doesn't know he was nearly a snack (My vampires don't need to kill and use a form of mind control so they can snack and erase memory of it). That memory has been erased. He also doesn't know he's been seen.

“What were you doing behind the bar with some guy?” Da asked, his hands fisting up.

Luc stared, clueless. “What are you talking about? I was only outside twice. Once to throw the garbage out and once to mop.”

“Stanton said you were behind the bar with someone, C’est sa couillon,” his brother, Henri, said, closing the space between him and Luc.

Here's Luc (well if you aged him up to about 22-23 and put him in a less model-like pose)  photo Luc_zps1riycwr8.jpg