January 2nd, 2016

kept tears

A New Start

Happy New Year's everyone.

I've already outlined my writing goals for the year so what are some of my other goals?

For one I want to continue to help people as much as possible. I can't promise to beta read more (but am willing to try as time allows) but I can make my small blog available to anyone who wants a little promo space. That doesn't take much of my time and pretty soon there'll be mirrored blogs so there's that.

Secondly I want to concentrate a little on the more mysterious parts of this job, like what the hell actually works for marketing and visibility. I'm literally at a loss. I've tried most of the suggestions and I can barely get the attention of the people on my facebook and twitter let alone reach new people.

I need to concentrate on my health as well. It needs to improve and there are more tweaks I can try. Wish me luck

Here's to a prosperous 2016.
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Rainbow Snippets

Hi. Now I'm buried in helping Mom pack Christmas away from another year and let me say Mom takes this holiday seriously. I could open a Christmas shop with all this crap.

I almost didn't get to play along with the Rainbow snippets this weekend since my flash drive died taking everything (including all my work stuff with it) and I won't be going home for another week. But I had some stuff up for other challenges so I cannibalized one of them. If you'd like to play along Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences every Saturday. it's been fun and you can find it here

This one is from the Vampires in Las Vegas novel I just finished and am polishing (needs help!) right now called Blood Red Roulette This snippet is centered on Arrigo, a vampire from Roman times who is living in Vegas. He owns a paranormal investigation shop with Taabu (She's psychic). Also in this snippet is Taabu's police detective sister, Shani. They're giving Arrigo crap about his dating life (Arrigo is bisexual but single at the moment. He's interested in Luc who you'll surely see in the future but right now you're getting what I was able to find in older posts!) Enjoy.

“I am currently in between lovers by choice. I needed a break.” He wondered how long of a break it had been. Taabu had noticed. That was the thing with vampires, sometimes time seemed like nothing at all when it had been in fact years.

“Not even a nibble on the line?” Taabu asked.

“You’re assuming he has bait,” Shani got up, looking around before heading to the recycle bin with the bottle.

Here's the face I'm using for Arrigo  photo arrigo 3_zpsoiybvrej.jpg