December 26th, 2015

kept tears

Rainbow Snippets

Once again I'm rushing but I do want to take the time to say I'm really enjoying Rainbow Snippets and if you want to play along you can check it out here

This one is from my short story A Light in Winter which was part of Dreamspinner's advent calendar last year (yes yes I know it's a little after the holiday!) Warun is a medical doctor and Christian who really enjoys Welsh holiday traditions. Gareth is a phd teaching at the University of Aberystwyth and a druid. Realizing their relationship is a bit strained he arranges a holiday getaway to bring them back together and decides to show Warun some of his druid Alban Arthan (Yule) rituals. In the snippet they are in the passage grave, Bryn Celli Ddu on Ynys Mon (Angelesy) waiting for sunrise (as this Neolithic monument is aligned with the winter solstice.

Gareth nodded, pointing to the light as it edged slowly up the passageway. They watched it make its leisurely way into the chamber. When it splashed against the phallic column, Gareth pulled Warun into a heated kiss. In the pale light, any problems they had felt healed. Once the kiss ended and they sat for a bit longer in the slash of sunlight, Gareth cleaned up the items they had brought with. They crept back out of the passage grave, blinking their way into the light.

You can find A Light in Winter here Hey it's on sale.

Next time I'll pick from some of my WIPs!