December 13th, 2015

kept tears

Sunday Small Talk

The best part of the week is I finished my Deadwood story and it's now out in the hands of some first readers (Thanks evil_little_dog, kiramaru7 & cajunshewolf!) I think it came out fairly well and it wasn't too long. Huzzah!

I'm also now working on editing through my novella set in Cassadaga and will be sending it out to my first readers as well (well ELD again and silvrethorn since both of them have been there. ELD and I used to live in the town). I think it could use another scene or two so I though they'll have some suggestions since it's just barely over the novella limit.

The bad news is I have no titles worth a damn for either of them. Really! Cassadaga Nights for the one and the other is literally still called just 'Deadwood.' I need to do better soon since that one has to go out in the next two weeks.

The other bad news is that Soldiers of the Sun did not fare well in the Rainbow Awards. Oh well. I still am very proud of that book myself and the donation to enter the contest went to True Colors which is a great cause so I can't really complain. I don't think I will be entering anything next year simply because even if I get Blood Red Roulette ready soonish it won't get through the editing process in time. Provided it gets picked up (see how confident I am that it will be. I'm actually darned confident of that).

Speaking of my Vegas Vampires, I have started editing through it. I would like to get it out of here by Valentine's Day but spring break is probably more reasonable since I have that Weird West story to work on and a brand new to me class to create from scratch for next semester (hold me!).

And in that vein, the Christmas short story in that universe Crisis in Faith is here.

I wasn't planning on doing too many more short stories but Wayward Ink's beyond the infinite is too tempting! At least I have literally nine months to work on it.

Still chugging away on my nano novel, speaking of SF stories.

Busy week of cleaning, finishing up the grading, seeing the doctors and hieing myself back to Pittsburgh for the holidays.
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