December 6th, 2015

kept tears

Sunday Small Talk

The biggest news this sunday is the Rainbow Snippet community launch on Facebook. I posted my snippet last night and got to read several more. Here's hoping it leads to some fun for the writers and to some sales with the readers.

Other than that I've been swamped with end of semester insanity, you know writing exams, making torture devices lab practicals, consoling student fears, trying not to throttle the ones who suddenly realized a semester of slacking off will earn them a failing grade and 'what extra credit can they do to pass.'

However I write while they test and I knocked out 10k on my Deadwood shifter story. It might, in fact, be too long. Head desk. I'm not even looking at that right now. I'm going to finish it (but not as soon as I'd like. I have 30 research papers to grade and as minor surgery this week to prep for). Once it's done I'll worry on word count.

So I'll just keep this short and sign off here.

And Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends!