June 17th, 2012

kept tears

YAM blogathon post, 100 things #23

A quick post for the last day here, leaving the most obvious for last, LGBT erotica. There are just so many wonderful publishers out there now, I won't be able to list them all. As I said in an earlier post, about fifteen, sixteen years ago when I first put my toe in the LGBT erotica waters, it was difficult to find a publisher. What I wouldn't have done for the ability to Google search for them? Granted, a bare list of publishers is just the beginning for a would-be author. This tells you almost nothing besides a name. You have to do your research.

After all, not all publishers are created equal. You can get easily burned, and I have been (not in the erotica realm but under my non-erotica pen name). There are plenty of places where you can check out if a publisher has a good or bad reputation if you're just getting started. Once you get started, word of mouth is also very helpful. I've learned the names of a few places to avoid and others were there is nothing but good things being said.

I've worked mostly with Circlet Press and Dreamspinner Press (at the moment, working on some open calls for others as well). Circlet Press I found back in the Nineties. They are long-standing and highly awarded publishing house. I found them the old fashioned way, looking up publishers then going to places like Preditors and Editors to get the skinny so to speak. I heard about Dreamspinner from my friend, M. Jules Aedin mjaedin (check spelling), one of their authors. She told me they were great to work with and on that I have to agree. They have a number of well award authors in house.

You can find just about any flavor of LGBT erotica you'd like, contemporary, fantasy, urban fantasy, horror, mystery, SF and more. Here's where you can find some of them:

my publications (yes, a bit self serving but it's my birthday and sales make nice gifts and I even spent part of my birthday in Pittsburgh researching the next story in the seris The Darkest Midnight in December is in)

Dreamspinner Press

Circlet Press

Storm Moon Press

Samhain Publishing

Riptide Publishing

Amber Allure

Silver Publishing

Okay, Mom's calling me to come get some birthday cheesecake. Hope you enjoyed my posts this week. It's been fun.