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Rainbow Snippets

Doing this on the fly for rainbow snippets because I'm a). late b) there's a snowstorm and I should get moving (drove back home last night only to learn my internet is out again and it often takes a week or more to fix).

So no links, no frills no nothing just some lines (technically seven just to complete the thought). It's from the same piece as last week (the one I need to get polished up) the vampires in Vegas one, Blood Red Roulette. This time it's from Eleni, another vampire with a homicidal grudge against Arrigo (who was in last week's snippet).

Eleni watched Arrigo leave the Alibi. He could deny all he wanted to that the little blond boy who worked in the bar meant something to him. Eleni knew better. She had seen Arrigo with him too many times for it to be coincidence. He made the perfect target. He couldn’t be warned of the real danger she posed. Arrigo couldn’t exactly say ‘hey I’m a vampire and another vampire might be out to get you.’
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