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Flash Fic - Las Vegas Bound

Title : Las Vegas Bound
Author: cornerofmadness
Fandom: Kept Tears universe (original)
Characters : Aaron, Corrine & Rhys
Warnings : None
Word Count: 595
Summary : Corrine has a proposition for the men
Author’s Note : Written for 12_daysofficmas. Sorry it’s a bit rushed. Too much to do this holiday season. Par for the course for 2015


“Really? Strawberry Daiquiris?” Aaron cocked his eyebrows at Corrine who sat the Death Star and Tatoonie glasses down on his coffee table.

“It can’t be absinthe and sugar cubes all the time.” Corrine sat next to him, leaning on his good arm. She picked up Tatoonie after handing him the Death Star. She clicked her glass to his. “To being off school for a few weeks.”

Aaron smiled. “I’ll drink to that.” He drank, grimacing a bit. “So sugary, so girly.”

“Your macho reputation will survive. I can’t believe Rhys got you these glasses. They’re so cool.” Corrine took a deep drink of the brilliantly red cocktail.

“He’s a good man.”

“Indulgent to your geekiness, you can’t ask for more.” Corrine patted his knee. “Think you can get him to indulge you more? By the way, I like your Charlie Brown tree.”

“Shh, Mom did her best with my crappy tree and what exactly did you have in mind for Rhys?”

“Kevin and I were talking about the spring finals. We don’t really have much time to do anything after the fall semester, not with the holidays. It’s nice to get to spend them with family, but what if we plan a trip to celebrate the end of the spring semester?” Corrine smiled, her lips bright red from the cocktail.

“What did you have in mind?”

“We’re getting tickets to Vegas. We’d like you and Rhys to come with us. It would be fun to tear up the town with you guys. Do you think Rhys would go?” Corrine nibbled her lip. “Is it his sort of thing?”

“Gambling, sex and booze? Yes I’m sure Rhys would be up for that in so many ways.” Aaron snorted.

She pressed a finger to his lips. “Do not draw me pictures or it’ll be all I think about.”

“You have prettier things to think about than me rolling around in the sack with Rhys.”

“I’m not so sure. You and Rhys are cute, after all. But seriously, would you like to go?”

“I would love it. I’m sure I can swing it. Mom can spot me some money because I hate making Rhys pay for it all.” Aaron scowled. He would have a lot to pay back to Mom when he graduated and started working.

“He doesn’t mind treating you I’m sure.”

“No, but I like to feel like I’m pulling my weight. Here, I’ll call him.” Aaron pulled out his phone, tapping the screen. Rhys picked up on the first ring. “Hi, babe. I have you on speaker.”

“Oh? What’s up?”

“Corrine and Kevin want us to join them in Vegas in May. They’re planning the trip now. How does that sound to you? Want to go to Vegas?”

“I say viva Las Vegas,” Rhys replied cheerily.

“Fantastic,” Corrine said, “Come on over, if you want. We’re drinking daiquiris. If you give it an hour, I’ll turn Aaron over to you full of rum.”

“I like the sounds of that!”

“I’m taking you off speaker.” Aaron eyed Corrine evilly. “But do come over if you want. And thanks, Rhys. This will be fun.”

“You deserve it. See you soon. Love you.”

“I know,” Aaron replied in his best Han Solo smug tone.

”Geek.” Rhys rang off and Aaron put his phone on the table.

“So, Vegas.” Aaron smiled, picturing it. He’d never been there but it sounded exciting. “It’ll be great.”

“It will.” Corrine kissed his cheek. “Glad you guys are all in.”

“Me too,” Aaron said, thinking this might be the best Christmas season ever.
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