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Flashfic - Starlight

Title : Starlight
series: Soldiers of the Sun universe (original)
Word Count: 257
Summary : Temple loves stargazing
Author’s Note : Written for 12_daysofficmas. Sorry it’s a bit rushed. Just a bit of flash fiction because I was busy all day.


Temple stared up at the stars. It had been a while since they’d seen any. It had been such a gloomy couple of weeks, overcast and raining. It wasn’t proper holiday weather, at least not for this area. When it snowed, he was still a little kid at heart. He knew his partners weren’t as thrilled by snow as he was, and usually Pittsburgh had more than enough of the stuff. Snow made demon hunting all the harder.

Temple loved it anyhow. That said, he was happy to be able to look up and see the stars spreading out before him like jewels on velvet. He didn’t know that much about astronomy - Agni was the expert on that sort of them - but Temple enjoyed stargazing. Agni would argue that was more a summer thing.

To Temple, it was nice to grab a moment of peace and beauty where he could find it. It took away the sting of a hard life, and he was all too aware of how hard a life he had, that all demon hunters had. In the end, they did good work and that made it worth it but Temple also knew his days on this earth were shorter than most; that his death would most likely be painful and gruesome. He deserved a moment to gaze at the heavens, no matter the season.

“Temple! This way!” Caleb’s voice cut through the night air.

Temple tightened his grip on his Tommy gun and raced down the alley, leaving his stars behind.
Tags: flash fiction

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