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A New Start

Happy New Year's everyone.

I've already outlined my writing goals for the year so what are some of my other goals?

For one I want to continue to help people as much as possible. I can't promise to beta read more (but am willing to try as time allows) but I can make my small blog available to anyone who wants a little promo space. That doesn't take much of my time and pretty soon there'll be mirrored blogs so there's that.

Secondly I want to concentrate a little on the more mysterious parts of this job, like what the hell actually works for marketing and visibility. I'm literally at a loss. I've tried most of the suggestions and I can barely get the attention of the people on my facebook and twitter let alone reach new people.

I need to concentrate on my health as well. It needs to improve and there are more tweaks I can try. Wish me luck

Here's to a prosperous 2016.
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