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Flash Fic- Gentle Night

Title : Gentle Night
Author: cornerofmadness
series: Athens Prophecy universe (original)
Word Count: 206
Summary : Faolan is having a sleepy, lonely night
Author’s Note : Written for 12_daysofficmas. Sorry it’s a bit rushed. Just a bit of flash fiction because I am exhausted.


Faolan rested on the couch, feeling lonely. Derek was out on a pack run with the rest of the wolves and Jason was in Columbus at some vampire run club. Exhaustion sucked at his bones but he couldn’t sleep. While Giorgio and company featured some expert who merged Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings to prove that they were mirror image paintings depict aliens, Faolan played with a laser light and the kitten his sister had rescued and given to him over Christmas.

The tortoiseshell kitten leapt and whirled after that light, stopping only to give him death glares if he dared to turn off the light. Faolan loved that the kitten – he still hadn’t named her – thought Derek should be made into Werewolf bits. She loved Jason though.

Stifling a yawn, he put the light away. “Sorry girl. I’m too tired to play.” Faolan turned the TV to a Star Trek: The Next Generation marathon, planning to nap on the couch.

The kitten jumped on his chest, sauntering up to stare into his face.


She meowed imperiously then curled up on his chest. Her purrs vibrated their way into his heart. Faolan rested a hand on her tiny, fierce body. He couldn’t possibly feel lonely now.
Tags: fiction, flash fiction

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