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Sunday Small Talk

Obviously with the holidays I didn't get much done. I hope everyone had a nice holiday and more than anything I hope everyone has a wonderful 2016. 2015 was a pretty sucky year for me, filled with death and disappointment. I lost my grandmother, my hero Leonard Nimoy, cousins, friends and it ends tomorrow with a visit to the hospital with another cousin with terminal cancer.

Publication wise it was so-so. I was very glad of course to sell my second novel Soldiers of the Sun because I truly love those characters. That said, I think once things die down after the first I will talk about moving that out of romance. The only other for profit story I had was A Wolf in the Fold in Wayward Press's anthology Of Heaven and Hell and since I worked for years to find that story a home I was pleased. I was very happy to have my SCOTUS decision story in the What Happens in Vegas blog hop.

I've taken steps to get a website going. It's been slow going and I'm mostly to blame (as has the health of me and my webmaster/friend).

Tonight I'll be sending out my shifter story. I threw my hands up in the air and just called it Deadwood

I have started hand writing a couple pages in both the weird west and the SF stories

I wanted to do some holiday flash fic but so far, nothing going

For next year my plans are to a) polish Blood Red Roulette and send it in. b) finish my weird west short story c) finish my SF short story and d) try to finish my nano novel, Behind Blue Eyes which I'm pretty sure I'm going to label as not-romance from the get go.

Wish me luck

Happy New Year's one and all. See you in 2016
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