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Sunday Small Talk

I have to say I didn't accomplish much this week but it was all about the end of the semester and cleaning and packing for Pittsburgh where I'll be spending the holidays. I didn't clean as much as I wanted to and that includes my Bear Shifter story. I got through the edits from one beta but not the other. MUST do that in the next few days.

The silly bear story still has no title. evil_little_dog jokingly suggested Alive but Bearly Breathing. Some people on FB thought that was a great title. The story might just get dubbed that. Or just leave it at the evocative Deadwood (though in silly double entendre time that might not be great for an erotic story).

I am pleased with the story, however and if it doesn't fly for this anthology I'm pretty sure it'll find a home.

I've sent my Cassadaga novella off to my beta readers after I made a few changes, some of which were embarrassing that I missed the first time.

I didn't get to ponder my two other planned short stories, Weird West and SF on the way home mostly because I didn't want to hear Christmas music for four hours (two of the stations I know I can get which are usually mix stations are 24/7 holiday music). I put in a JD Robb audio book (I rarely get a chance to listen to them so...)

However from 1-3:30 AM this morning both stories were talking to me. THanks for nothing guys. I did get a list of things I need to research for the Weird West story and I REMEMBERED them which is unusual given how the brain works. We all know brains love to suggest crap to you in the middle of night while you're trying to sleep and it pretends it'll remember in the morning and never does.

I'm still working out the details but it's a much needed step forward.

Happy Holidays everyone.
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