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Clueless or wishful thinking?

THIS! So much. read the open letter to J.J. Abrams here.

I swear the erasure of female SF fans is worse today than it was when I was growing up. I'm waiting for The Big Bang Theory episode that will surely remind us that there are no female fans (I love that show with that HUGE caveat, the erasure of female geeks). Yes, Mr. Abrams, there are female fans. There always were. I still have the original TOPS trading cards that I got back then. I begged to see this for my 10th birthday (don't do that math) and I wrote my very first fanfic, my very first story ever, when I got home from seeing it. You're not doing the gracious thing giving us a movie you think women would like. We've always been fans. You've simply been ignoring us.

I'm getting very tired of having to prove women like SF, Fantasy, Dungeons & Dragons and anime. We're nearly half of the entire fan base.

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