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Flash Fiction challenge

Chuck Wendig of Terrible Minds issued a flash fiction challenge here. We were to create a short scene to highlight a new character and next week anyone can use this character in a story. Sounds like a blast. Here's mine. Meet Tenaldi. I think I'll be back to claim him myself off challenge later.

Tenaldi descended into the Queen's poison garden, loving the scents washing over him. A coolness born of the lush greenery settled on his wiry frame. Tenaldi was still an apprentice green physician, only seventeen. Still he knew most of the plants. On the north face were ivys that could cause death and paralysis. In the low lands was a field of lacy flowers whose long white roots resembled a common root vegetable that made its way into many a winter stew. This white cousin could kill in minutes. On the drier eastern expanse grew fleshy, a little ugly plants whose flowers caused hallucinations, a favorite of the priests and priestess talk to those who had gone before.

He came to a stop as his long, dark hair got tangled in the branches of the Suicide tree whose fruit was popular in desserts that topped many a person's last meal. Tenaldi continued on to another stand of trees. These leaves often chewed by warriors to give them endless energy.

His mind was filled with plants that could kill at one dose and cure at another. That's what came next for Tenaldi, learning all the uses: which ones were poisonous raw but fine when cooked, which could be brewed into a delicious intoxicant, how to extract the essence of hot peppers to make ointments that relieved pain. It would be several more years of study but Tenaldi didn't mind. He had a sharp wit and the ability to remember things almost on the first try.
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