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kept tears

A big Smile

And boy was it a needed one. It's been a rough two weeks, with me sick for ten of those fourteen days and the day job and the edit this now stuff colliding like an 18 wheeler meeting a train. I'm anxiously waiting for March when I can breathe again after all the deadlines are gone.

But into every darkness, light must shine and here is my light. Kept Tears got two more four star reviews. How happy am I? Here, check them out for yourself:

Pants off reviews


Top 2 Bottom reviews

It is such a relief to me that at least some people are really enjoying my story. I mean, I know I loved it. I know my first reads enjoyed it but to get it out there away from me and my friends, and still have people like it, that makes it all worth it.

Now I'm going to hold onto that thought and wade back into the edits for my next piece.


I see everyone wants more of the twins. :D
They DO. The twins are shockingly popular.
Obnoxious cute twins, why not.
why not indeed. They're already bouncing around shouting ideas that I'm currently ignoring
I'm sure they are. Brats.
I need to give them a valium until March gets here
Congrats on the great reviews! :)
thank you

and yes they are.
thank you