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kept tears

What's New Wednesdays

Well not much is new since last time but I did finish a major project so now I have time to dedicate myself to finishing other things.

The contract for Project Fierce is signed. I might not have mentioned it but mine is a YA urban fantasy and it is definitely a universe I would love to revisit some day.

However, I'm trying to dedicate this year to finishing projects but that doesn't mean I'm not up for a side trip or two.

Speaking of which I'm ten pages hand written for The Prophecy (working title of my Love's Landscape story since the real title is a secret). Now to get to typing it. I've mocked up some character sheets for them (But I don't think I can share those either, at least not yet). I did consider naming one of them Andrew Jericho but didn't.

I think starting next week (since I've done so little this past week) I'll put up progress bars for Soldiers of the Sun, The Prophecy and either Behind Blue Eyes or Blood Red Roulette (or both).


Congrats on the contract!
thanks. And thanks for your help on that one
You're welcome.