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What's New Wednesday

Well this isn't going to be official part of that blog hop (yet, mostly because I'm on spring break and writing on the fly but it sounds like fun).

So what's new with me?

I finished the first round of edits for the Steampunk Mystery novella If Two of Them Are Dead. They were pretty extensive and difficult to get through. I hope I delivered what whey were hoping for. I'm hopeful for this one once it gets through all the edits (it's my first steampunk).

While I didn't make the Not Quite Shakespeare anthology (further cementing the idea I shouldn't be touching contemporary romance), I did get my YA paranormal story into Project Fierce, the anthology to help raise money for homeless LGBT youth and I'm very happy about that. I'll tell you more when I know it.

I also picked up the Love's Landscape prompt I posted about last week. I've started noodling around with it. I'll be refering to it as The Prophecy since I can't use it's title until it goes live. I'm setting it locally which is another first for me. I'm quite nervous about this one. I forsee a fairly large readership so I need to bring my A game and write this fast.

I've edited a few more chapters of Soldiers of the Sun but progress on that is embarrassingly slow. I made a promise to myself to have it out of here by Jan/Feb and I'm going to be way off. I'm very embarrassed by that and angry with myself but it is unavoidable at this point.


it is so very cool. I'm proud to be part of it.

I have rather ridiculously high standards for myself, even working and writing through days with blood sugars well over 300
What Pickamix said, you A+++++ personality, you. You have other commitments, too, you know.
Must. Do. More
Don't make me sit on you.
try it
I'll let Kanda (or Pewter) trip you, and get you on the flip/downside.
a sound plan