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Jun. 11th, 2012

darkest midnight

[sticky post] My Publications and where to find them

Soldiers of the Sun published with Dreamspinner Press as part of my Soldiers of the Sun Series (see also Snowbound and The Darkest Midnight in December) . buy it here in paperback or here as an eBook

Snowbound published with Dreamspinner Press. buy it here

A Wolf in the Fold published with Wayward Ink Press as part of their Of Heaven and Hell anthology buy it here

The Light of Winter published with Dreamspinner Press as part of their 2014 Advent Calendar. buy it here

Nothing But Himself published with Less than Three Press. YA paranormal. Project Fierce charity Anthology, Everyone Deserves a Home

Triskelion free (but you have to be a member of M/M Romance to see it)

If Two of Them Are Dead published with Dreamspinner Press. Steampunk/mystery, m/m buy it here

Kept Tears published with Dreamspinner Press. Urban Fantasy, m/m set in Pittsburgh. find the ebook here

and the paper back here

The Darkest Midnight in December novella ebook (m/m erotic, historical paranormal)

Peace in the Valley part of Dreamspinners 2012 Advent calendar Peace in the Valley (m/m erotica, werewolf)

Crisis in Faith short story ebook (m/m erotic, urban fantasy)

Ghost of Jupiter in Dreamspinner Press’s anthology, Cross Bones ebook & paperback (m/m erotic, SF)

Haunted in Dreamspinner Press’s anthology, Two Tickets to Paradise ebook & paperback (m/m erotic, urban fantasy)

A Brief Respite web-based
m/m erotic, historical paranormal, sequel to The Darkest Midnight in December and Snowbound, Freebie!)

Unquiet Ghosts in Circlet’s anthology, Like a Sacred Desire ebook
(f/m erotic, fantasy)

Mysterious Spirit (m/m erotic, BDSM, fantasy) - Sorry OOP.

Snowbound in Dreamspinner Press’s anthology, NeckingThe Darkest Midnight in December</i>) Sorry it's now OOP but now rereleased, see above.

In the Hands of Gods in Dreamspinner Press’s anthology, A Brush of Wings (historical m/m erotic, paranormal) Sorry it's now OOP.

Feb. 13th, 2024

kept tears

Free Story - A Brief Respite

And for you, a free story from me! This was originally a freebie on DSP's site for Halloween It's from my series on 1930's demon hunters and is m/m/m. While it is a stand alone it can be considered a sequel to my novella The Darkest Midnight in December ( blurb and purchase info here) and my short story Snowbound in Dreamspinner's anthology Necking ( blurb and purchase info here)

A Brief RespiteCollapse )

Ah, wish I had time right now to construct a website so this could be a PDF download for you all.

Jan. 22nd, 2017

kept tears

Sunday Small Talk

We'll keep it short as a) there's not much in the way of actual news b) it's been a depressing week with little reprieve on the horizon.

I did agree to do a flash fiction prompt thing for Lex Chase's blog. I have the idea. I just need to sit my butt down and do it and for it NOT to get insanely long.

I find myself wondering if there are any Halloween anthologies out there. I'm in the mood to write something scary but I haven't gone searching yet.

I'm up to chapter 28 on edits for Blood Red Roulettebut it's hard going for a couple of reasons. I'm to the point where I'm going to remove an entire plot thread so I have to be very careful that I get it out. Also I noticed another thing I need to do to the beginning so that means rereading the first 10 chapters AGAIN. OMG I am never going to want to see this again by the time it's accepted somewhere (or I self publish it). But if I do this thing, it will make Arrigo look less like a selfish dickhole so it needs doing.

It's hard also because every time I fix something it adds word count, not removes it. Sigh. I've managed to get 1k out of it but it needs more to go. It doesn't help that I keep seeing person after person posting about how no one wants fantasy/SF/paranormal romances because they're not selling. Granted they would never reach the levels of contemporaries but I can't believe they're not selling judging by requests I've seen in writing challenges, the sheer amount of people in communities like Queer Sci-Fi and how many of the authors who love writing it. I mean, if you love writing it, it stands to reason you're buying it. It's the ONLY thing I buy. I'll be pretty damn sad if I have to stop following some of my favorite authors because they've had to give up on genre fiction because they can't make it otherwise. (I've tried to read some of their contemporary stuff and while well written did literally nothing for me).

So wish me luck on getting Blood Red edited and sent to betas. Wish me even more luck on getting this depression under control.

Jan. 21st, 2017

kept tears

Rainbow Snippets

I'm continuing with These Haunted Hills even though the work on it is STILL very slow.

 photo IMG_2108_zpstpochucx.jpg

This is Queer Creek (no, really) that wends its way around the Hocking Hills and is part of the various small waterfalls.

We're still with Brendan this week (Maybe next week I'll fast forward to Joshua's pov). This snippet is directly after last week's and it showcases Brendan's mental state at the start of the story.

Brendan could see giving in to the grief in a quiet place like this. They wouldn’t know until his month’s worth of rent was up. He shuddered and forced himself away from the window. He busied himself with unpacking. He braved the lashing rain to grab his computer bag and three canvas bags of groceries out of the car. His mood lifted to an inch above the floor once he filled the cabin with the scent of coffee.

If you'd like to play along, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences of one of our LGBT stories every Saturday. It's been fun and you can find it here. Be sure to check out all the offers! It's been a great supportive group!

Jan. 15th, 2017

kept tears

Sunday Small Talk

I almost didn't bother with a post today because there really isn't much to say. I've written all of two paragraphs on These Haunted Hills and all the rest of my time has been sucked up by the first week back to school stuff and editing Blood Red Roulette and making a fine mess of it.

Then I thought, you know what, let's start this year out right by thanking the people who've helped me. So thank you to Betty and evil_little_dog & wildrider for offering up some thoughts on how to even FURTHER revamp the beginning of Blood Red so Arrigo looks less like a selfish idiot because that isn't what I wanted him to be. When I reconfigured Eleni to make her a more worthwhile villain, it was at Arrigo's expense and that isn't working either. So thank you, ladies.

And thanks also to silvrethorn & evil_little_dog for weighing in on the rejection of Cassadaga Nights because I had to agree with the editors of the publishing house who said no. I had worried about that and now those worries were confirmed but you know, I think CN can wait until I get my way through BRR.

Sadly I see there is one less publishing house to consider. Wilde City closed its doors. I had noticed it wasn't open for submission when I shopped around for CN and while I have nothing there personally it's sad to see SO MANY indie LGBT publishers going under. I'm also worried about Wayward Ink. The owner there had said hopefully by Jan things would be rolling again (health issues are the concern here) but it's mid Jan with no contact. Oh well. Right now I have enough on my plate without worrying about the SF short I have in consideration there. Once I get BRR and CN reworked, and if there is still no word by then (because seriously I'm thinking it'll be mid-March by then) THEN I'll pull that story.

Of course, I guess the argument could be made that we could just self publish all of these things but that really isn't what I want to be doing right now. Mostly because with the indie publishing houses I at least have some marketing support, editors to help me and cover artists (I mean have you SEEN all my cover art? It's amazing and I could never get anything that good on my own.) So yeah, it's sad to see another one go and good luck to my friends who are affected by this. It's not an auspicious start to the new year (especially following on the heels of the All Romance nightmare).

Jan. 14th, 2017

kept tears

Rainbow Snippets

I'm continuing with These Haunted Hills even though the work on it has been very slow (as I've been working on edits for a vampire thing which I might start sharing again as I really need fresh eyes on it).

Brendan is bisexual which will be known by the second chapter. I'm using Tom Mison (from Sleepy Hollow) as body/face inspiration for Brendan though I'm not sure yet if his hair is shorter or longer.

 photo tom_zpsyktii0h8.jpg

This takes place directly after last week's snippet and I ran over 2 sentences so the thought is completed (as a reminder, Brendan has come to the Hocking Hills and is renting a cabin for a month).

He peered out one rain streaked window. All he could see were trees, mostly pines with something that was covered in blooms, dogwood maybe. The green isolation he’d chased after surrounded him. Those second thoughts skyrocketed. Kristen hadn’t wanted him to come. She didn’t trust him alone. Brendan knew his ex had reason to worry. Both of them were mired in grief and three years hadn’t moved them past it.

If you'd like to play along, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences of one of our LGBT stories every Saturday. It's been fun and you can find it here. Be sure to check out all the offers! It's been a great supportive group!

Jan. 8th, 2017

kept tears

Sunday Small Talk

Happy New Year and welcome to the first Sunday Small Talk of 2017. It's been a couple of weeks but the last two sundays were holidays and let's be honest, I haven't been doing much because of those said holidays.

For the last month, I took a small vacation from writing professionally because I use December to write fanfic for friends for the holidays. I suppose some will argue that it's a waste of my time but I mentioned on Queer SciFi when the question was asked 'how do you recharge your muse' the answer is I write fanfic. I DO find it recharging but I get to take a break from some of the harder parts of writing (world building, character creation) and just let the words flow.

So I'm looking at 2017 and trying to be better about my time. I need to get an ecalendar that emails me because I keep missing things I should be doing.

Nine Stars rejected Cassadaga Nights but were thoughtful enough to tell me what they thought did and didn't work and the didn't was something I had been worrying about so it's back with my first readers for opinions on how to change it.

Once I get Blood Red Roulette revamped (and god is this a bear!) I want to a) find first readers for it b) start thinking about the rewrites for Deadwood and dedicating it to my friend, Paulle who died this week. It was the last thing she beta read for me.

Other than that, once I get the start of the semester crap out of my face, it's time to get back into writing new stuff. I have four current projects: Behind Blue Eyes (SF), the Steampunk holiday story, These Haunted Hills (contemporary or paranormal, still working that out) and the one set at an anime con but I think I'm going to back burner that one for now.

Jan. 7th, 2017

kept tears

Rainbow Snippets

For the first snippet of the new year I'm doing something I've never done: sharing something brand new in its raw form. Literally I have only about six paragraphs of this one but its one of the projects I want to finish this year, something close to contemporary. Okay there are ghost hunters in it but done in a realistic way (okay, one of the leads (not in this snippet) is based very loosely on a friend here who is in fact a ghost hunter). It's called at the moment These Haunted Hills and is set where I live in Appalachian Ohio, the Hocking Hills (technically I live a bit south west of here but I can be here within the hour). Brendan is a man whose been through a lot and is an author of a popular middle grade/YA series whose come to the hills to investigate ghosts for his next, more adult novel but more important, he's running from his problems.

This is what I had in mind for the cabin in the snippet. This is from Crooked Creek Cabin rentals which is in the area.

 photo hocking cabin_zps1dzi8fdc.jpg

Brendan second guessed his decision the moment he walked through the cabin’s front door even though it was exactly what he wanted: a cabin in the woods. The cold spring deluge that lashed him from car to porch hadn’t helped matters much. To Brendan the shower embodied perfectly the condition of his mind and soul.

Leaving his bag on the doorstep, Brendan took in his home for the next month. It could almost be called cute in a rustic sort of way. The loft bedroom perched above the open concept living area and kitchen.

If you'd like to play along, Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook community where we post up 6 sentences of one of our LGBT stories every Saturday. It's been fun and you can find it here. Be sure to check out all the offers! It's been a great supportive group!

Jan. 4th, 2017

kept tears


Just a short post today as I've been driving some 250 miles today. I suppose this one is just general writing related more so than being LGBT specific but it's what's on my mind after getting a rejection yesterday.

To me it was a good one as they told me what they liked and what they thought didn't work. I find that very useful. I was surprised a few weeks back when I saw a FB post ranting about how that particular author hated that. Which, yes, that's perfectly fine as we're all different but I was curious how an author would come to that choice. I didn't ask because I didn't know this particular author well and I don't like to start up stuff on someone else's page.

Personally I think any and all input I get can be helpful. I would have liked to be able to make changes and resubmit this to that publishing house but they didn't say that I could and I'm not published with them so I didn't really ask (as I have other options). As it is, one of their weaknesses was something I had wondered about myself. So I should have listened to my gut.

I know some authors feel that once they submit something it's 'done' and they're not changing anything. And there is the point that you could send it to three different places and have them feel three different ways about that same piece so making suggested changes in a rejection might not help you. I often see this in my writers group. Two people love something and a third hates that exact same thing.

You just have to use your best judgment when you get these suggestions. Would making the changes turn your story into something other than what you wanted it to be? I've faced that too.

But for me, if I have to be rejected then I definitely want to know WHY. I want to know what didn't work and what did. I appreciate that they took the time to tell me that rather than send me some form letter (god knows I got tons of those in the 90s back when I had to send postage so they could send me those form letters). I find them helpful.

Helpful but still painful. Ah well, such is a writer's life.

Dec. 31st, 2016

kept tears

Rainbow Snippets

Happy new year's everyone. I'm trying to be hopeful that 2017 will be a better year but the logical side of me says, fat chance.

I found a little bit of the New Year's celebration from Soldiers of the Sun for today (and it gives me a little leeway as I've been doing a lot of my holiday writing for friends and not working on anything new per se).

It's the first mission for the demon hunters, Caleb Agni and Temple (all three are lovers) and Temple's newest partners in the Soldiers of the Sun, Jo. They're protecting a New Year's eve party (in the 1930s) from demons.

Caleb pulled out his pocket watch. “If nothing else there’s only an hour until the New Year. The party probably won’t last much longer than that.”

“I hate dress shoes,” Agni said, wriggling his foot at Caleb in emphasis. “The party has already lasted too long.”

“This is why Temple calls you grumpy.”

“He does that to irritate me because he enjoys it. I could have thought of many far more enjoyable ways to ring in the New Year than this.” Agni’s expression clued Caleb in to what he had in mind. Given his partner’s extensive knowledge of certain sexual texts from India, Caleb felt very sad to be on duty at this moment.

BlurbCaleb Davies and Agni Pradesh are worried about their teammate and lover, Temple Chevalier. Not only has he lost his long-time partner, Fu Li, but he nearly died fighting a demon himself. Also, Temple isn’t sure he’s ready for a new teammate after Li. Caleb and Agni are even more concerned that their three-way relationship with Temple exists less because he loves them and more because he’s hiding from the pain of Li’s loss.
1932 shapes up to be a terrible year for the Soldiers as they welcome the New Year fighting demons and then end up investigating a case that pairs them up with the Knights Templar. This would normally be a good thing, but it forces Temple to face his painful past. Worse yet, the case leads right to Astaroth, a Prince of Hell, who might prove to be an unbeatable foe.

Buy Link here

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